Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Price List

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Monday, March 28, 2011

- South Carolina -

South Carolina (where I live) is full of so much scenery....historic places, which I love! I could carry my camera with me every day and never get bored!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Modeling & Fashion Photography

So I am branching out into a whole new world of photography!!!!! Very excited.......I've noticed something about myself since I have been working with kids and brides.....I love modeling and getting shots that most studios cant get. Thats what makes my job so fun..seeing what I can accomplish and being creative. Ive decided I want to start working with models and pageants. I catch myself at my shoots wanting to do this but sometimes its not appropriate ....

Here is the deal, I am offering "free" photo shoots for boys and girls, ages 18-21.....Thats it! Of course you will get your images on a cd.

If interested in this, please email me at whiteimages@ymail.com and include a picture of yourself and your age.

You must be creative, comfortable in front of the camera, and lots of fun to work with!

visit my site to view my current work at http://www.photosbyrobyn.com

Here are a few images from my gallery....just to give you an idea of my style!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stephanie & Larry's Wedding

Well you've seen Stephanie's bridal session. This is Stephanie & Larry's wedding. It was done at Virginia Hilton Park in West Columbia, SC. A very small but personal wedding. They have a wonderful family that were more than welcoming. As I didn't know, most of them live near me....it's a small world!

Here are their pictures......

Pricing and Packages.......

So Ive had a lot of emails from people that have found me through my blog and wanted to know about prices. I usually say to look at my web page www.photosbyrobyn.com but if this is easier i'll just go ahead and list a few right now

Wedding Packages start at $600 - $2000

Family Sessions start at $150 - $250

Maternity $100 - $150

Newborn $100 - $500

Child Sessions $75 - $150

and of course customizable packages are available! Contact me for any additional info or check out the website for promotions and discounts available.

Hailey..My little butterfly

So these are a little late but as everyones knows Hailey is my 3 year old daughter. She is on here a couple times! Well these are here halloween photos from 2010. I took her Clemson Children's Garden in NE Columbia.

She's a princess!!!!!

Her daddy says this is her Lady Ga Ga face!

Adding Flare!

So I have been working on some new stuff with my images. When you start out as a photographer you want to be noticed, of course when your starting out you don't yet know your own style so you keep working on it trying to find your self in your art. I've been working the last couples day on adding different elements to my photos in hopes that when someone sees it they automatically know....thats Robyn's work.

I strongly suggest to others photographers to find out who you are as an artist because that is what this is...dont take from others but be inspired by others....definatley be yourself!

Im going to do a before and after.....Let me know what you think!