Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Pricing.......Photography

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Shevawn & Abraham ~ Engagement

One of my favorite kind of session to do is engagement. I guess mainly because when you meet the couple they are so excited about getting married that they just cant help but to smile. The of the things I try to do during the session is talk about how the couple met......that ALWAYS works. An engagement session is a mixture between acting and posing, although im not much for posing couples, those types of pictures are always welcomed ...... but the fun ones are the most pleasing! Acting is the fun part, in order to get the "fun" ones sometimes is requires the couple to step out of their comfort zone, I know I know not everyone is the actor and thats ok, even if its asking you to turn your head away or jump up and down, it works!

These engagement photos are of Shevawn & Abraham...their wedding is in September but right now it is June in South Carolina, one of the hottest months in the south! We started the session around 6:30 so it would be atleast some what cooler which is almost impossible but it makes for good lighting. I love shooting in natural light! Their session was taken at Finlay Park and at The State House in Columbia, SC.

They brought along their 7 year old daughter Kennedy who turned out to be my little photographer assistant, by the end of the day she had come up with some of her own ideas lol!

See what I mean about natural light......You just cant fake that with studio lighting!

This was just a shot of them walking but I still think it gets the point across.....LOVE!

I couldnt hold back when it came to using a phone both, with modern technology its not every day you see one of these!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Justin & Diana - Wedding

Congratulations to Justin & Diana Rivers. Their wedding and reception took place at Corley Mill House in Lexington SC.